Aug 11, 2012


Alternative Press has an exclusive stream of another new song off our upcoming album, Vexations!

The track is called "Hello, Salty Ghost" and features guest vocals from Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack - give it a listen right now over at!

We're only 10 days away from the release of Vexations - have you pre-ordered your copy yet??

Curious as to the meaning behind the song?  Here are a few words from John...

"Hello, Salty Ghost" is definitely one of the most personal songs on the record.  I'm not sure exactly why I came up with the term "Salty Ghost", but the song is about my time living in San Francisco- I guess the mixing of the salty sea air and constant fog triggered that term to pop into my head one day and I liked it.  I thought it was silly at first, but in the studio one of our producers, Ed Ackerson, asked me about it and told me it made perfect sense to him as a descriptor of SF, so we actually changed a couple of lines in the chorus to make it even more directly about the city.  I have a love/hate relationship with San Francisco- it's an incredible place but I was very depressed during most of my time there, so the song dives into those feelings of being trapped somewhere that doesn't work for you and digging the hole deeper and deeper.

We were very lucky to have Justin Pierre add his amazing voice and talent to this song, as well.  The song has this weird instrumental bridge that makes an abrupt key/feel change, but Rachel and I were unable to find a melody that clicked for us.  Josh Cain sent the unfinished track to Justin, told him what the song was about, and asked him to come up with something.  He sent us back a demo and a couple days later, was in the studio tracking his part.  This is actually the second time Justin has provided us with lyrics and a melody for a bridge to an IWTDI song- the first being "Come Out, Come Out" off our second album, Horror Vacui.