Aug 15, 2012


In our five years as a band, we've never assembled an email list.  Kinda strange, right?

We're about to fix that! 

We've mostly held off because we don't want to bug anybody or fill up your inboxes, and we're gonna stick to that mentality.  We'd love it if you'd all take a moment to sign up for the new IWTDI mailing list, but rest assured we won't send out more than 4 emails a year, maximum.  We'll cram them with updates, tour info, special offers, etc on a quarterly basis- and that's it.

Pretty cool, right?  To make it even cooler, if you sign up between now and next Tuesday (8/21 the day our new album Vexations is released!), you'll receive a free download of an exclusive brand new song we just tracked a couple of weeks ago.  No one else will have this- only the people who join the mailing list!

Think you've signed up with us at a show before or something?  you probably have, but help us out and sign up here to make sure you're officially on there!