Feb 6, 2013


This Friday, February 8th, we'll be joining a bunch of great Triangle bands on Blount Street in downtown Raleigh to help out a great friend of the local music community, Mr. Robbie Bruce.  Robbie's young son, Ian, has had some medical issues and we want to help them cover some of those hospital bills and be able to stay on their feet through these difficult times.

$10 gets you in to shows at both Tir Na Nog and The Pour House.  IWTDI headlines at Tir Na Nog at 12:30am.  Yes, 12:30am. It's late - we never play that late - but this is for the amazing Bruce family, so we're doing it and you should too.  Come stay up late with us!  This will be our last show until this summer, come support a great cause, and a great family.

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