Oct 7, 2014


I Was Totally Destroying It recognizes that we have fans on all sides of the political fence and we appreciate each and every one of you. We also recognize that North Carolina’s state government needs a serious makeover. We believe in equal rights and equal pay for all genders and races. We believe same-sex marriages are entitled to the same benefits and protection as heterosexual marriages. We believe in the funding and availability of comprehensive women’s healthcare. We believe what a woman does with her body is her business. We believe in funding programs for those who are down on their luck, and we believe we cannot judge those who use them. We believe that students, the elderly, and minorities all deserve ample time and opportunities to vote. We believe teachers should be treated with respect and adequately compensated. We believe the state’s per-pupil funding needs to be increased. Finally, we love motorcycles and vaginas but believe they don’t belong on the same bill.

It’s cool if you don’t agree with us. It’s cool if you do. But all the complaining on social media and in real life means nothing if you don’t put your money where your mouth is and vote.

Here is a link to a new IWTDI song attempting to express some of the beliefs listed above, featuring great contribution from Aslan Freeman (vocals, guitar, production, engineering, mixing) and Mike Kane (drums), both from the band Unifier. The song is called "Parentheses" and is paired with a remix of "Parentheses" by Paul Leary, as well as a new song from our friend Lutie Cain. Thanks to the NC Music Love Army for having us and for giving proceeds from the purchase of this single (available now on Bandcamp where you can "name your price") to the causes that need it most. Thanks for listening and thanks for doing what is right on November 4th.